Why shouldn’t drums play the leading role in a band? With this question in mind, Mies Wilbrink and Willem van Kruijsdijk started “ Slagerij van Kampen” in 1982. A rock group that exclusively plays percussion instruments. By now Slagerij van Kampen is considered to be “the godfather” of all percussion groups. Acoustic power with harmonious orchestrations, obstinate and swinging, flabbergasting and spectacular. Some highlights from a wide range of feats: sold out tours, a performance for Nelson Mandela, an Edison Music Award and a gold record. Nowadays the band consists of four percussionists and one multi-instrumentalist: Olaf Fase, Clara de Mik, Boudine van Slobbe, Johan Boere and Robin van Vliet, along with Mies and Willem who are still present and work behind the scenes. Experience one of our live performances and be overwhelmed by the energetic combination of the ensemble, the fantastic lightshow, the futuristic approach of the instruments and even our moments of stillness in between. Slagerij van Kampen: the most original band of the Netherlands!