Boudine van Slobbe

Once upon a time Boudine started playing the bass guitar and the piano, but very soon she focused on percussion and drumming. In those fields she developed into the percussionist she is nowadays. In the first 10 years she mainly stormed the Dutch club stages with several bands: ranging from New Wave, Hip-Hop and Acid-Jazz to Latin, Afro and Fusion. After studying Latin Percussion at the Hilversum Conservatory for a while she ended up playing with Slagerij Van Kampen, that had existed for ten years at that time. With this group she was on stage in the club circuit, at several festivals and also in the theatre at home and sometimes abroad. Touring the Dutch theatres has stayed on her agenda for years now. She has had sold out performances with SVK for years and she still thinks of performing on theatre tours with SVK as an enormous challenge.Besides the gigs with SVK she likes to make (percussion) music for, for example: movie presentations, teaching private lessons, doing workshops or meditative percussion.