Clara de Mik

Clara calls playing with Slagerij Van Kampen a feast. You have to give it your all during a performance and that makes it into a very intense experience, every time again. It’s a wonderful feeling to be submerged in all those rhythms, loops, samples and melodies.

The most wonderful aspect according to Clara is the ensemble, but the enthusiastic response of the audience on a performance of Slagerij Van Kampen is also very rewarding. It’s also very important that it is a pleasant group of great people! The whole crew works together and we all make sure our audience can really enjoy the performance.

At this moment ‘Undivided’ is at the top of Clara’s list of favourites. “ As for the drumming it’s the least fierce track, but it really swings and I truly enjoy Robin’s solo on the keyboard.The most appealing number to Clara is ‘Infidata’.” I clearly remember being in the audience during the show ‘Blow’ and hearing that track for the first time. Besides the Arab melodies that appealed to me straight away, it is also put together well. You literally hear the west entering the east.