Robin van Vliet

Robin is the multi-instrumentalist of the band. A unique position in the percussion formation. During the concerts he plays one instrument after the other. From keyboards to empty wine bottles and from hand percussion to the bass drum. His base guitar parts from the beginning of his Van Kampen career, have evolved into rhythm or melodious loops with sounds which the rest of the band can hold on to. Robin’s controlled electronics often create a basis for the recognisable Van Kampen ‘groove’.

Concerts in theatres in which he has seen his own heroes perform are truly magical, when the audience is just as excited as he was then. Robin thinks the imagination of the repertoire is really impressive. And of course the power of playing tracks like ‘the Mountain to Mohammed’ yourself. To be on stage then as multi-instrumentalist next to four percussionists. The sound is so overwhelming and fierce, even for an experienced musician like he his. The sound that comes at you can sometimes be so fierce that you are totally overwhelmed, even as a dyed-in-the-wool musician.

His favourite instrument is the flamenco guitar. He used this instrument for an in between act, at the front of the stage, during the theatre performance ‘Blow’. The nicest Van Kampen track, according to Robin is the dance oriented ‘Sign Language (for the Blind)’. It’s fascinating that the typical Van Kampen repertoire keeps developing melodically and harmonically. Lately Robin has also been involved, in a modest role, as a co-producer. On the basis of the music composed by Mies Wilbrink and Willem van Kruijsdijk he looks for extra sounds, pieces of music, loops etc., that can enhance the compositions. 

Robin finds a challenge in his composition assignments. Besides the performances with Slagerij Van Kampen, Robin cooperates with his partner in their own studio (where ‘ID’ was also recorded) and where he records a lot with his hobby band ‘ Secret Combination’.