Van Kampen catches hold of it

 ‘ Van kampen krijgt er lucht van ‘ (‘Van Kampen catches hold of it’)  is the title of the tour with the saxophone quartet ‘ The 4 winds’ ( JC Tans, Horst Rickels, Ard Peynenburg en Klaas Hekman.)


Out of the Doldrums

The second LP ‘ Out Of The Doldrums’ is the first fully electronically drummed album in the world.  

With ‘out of the Doldrums’ Slagerij Van Kampen set out on a whole new path. The – at that point - very advanced sampling technology entered the scene and as true pioneers the group embraced this phenomenon that is a fixture of contemporary dance industry nowadays. This resulted in the first fully midi recorded and electronically drummed record in the world.The new technology also gave them the opportunity to bring more melody into the music and this together with the acoustic power drums completed the unique Van Kampen sound. The album was only released on vinyl and is not available anymore.