Bente, Johan and Gijsbert

The summer is used to find new band members and to show them the ropes. Bente Olie replaces Mies Wilbrink and Johan Boere replaces Koen Rijnbeek, who had already announced that he wanted to stop in 2001. Behind the scenes Gijsbert Zwart prepares himself to eventually replace Willem Kruysdijk.


The Road Less Travelled

At the start of the anniversary tour the double album ‘The Road Less Travelled’ is released. The album is a live registration of a ‘Many Story House’ concert in Eindhoven, rounded off with a collection of ‘Special Projects’. The concert was one of the last ones with the  group consisting of Willem, Mies, Boudine, Koen and Robin.


Theatre tour 20 year anniversary Slagerij Van Kampen

With two new band members the band of five starts (another fully sold out) anniversary tour of ’20 years of Slagerij Van Kampen’.