On April 8 Slagerij Van Kampen wins an Edison Award for the album ‘Add Up To The Actual Size’ (in the category ‘instrumental’).


Theatre Tour Many Story House (repeat performance)

In the fall the repeat performance  tour ‘Many Story House’ starts. This theatre season the 50 shows are also almost sold out in advance! At the end of March disaster strikes: Mies Wilbrink has an extreme form of wear in her neck and shoulders and has to stop. In April the tour is stopped.


Expo 2000 Hannover

In September Slagerij Van Kampen performs at the Expo 2000 in Hannover. According to the TV channel ZDF: “Einer der schönsten und eindrucksvolsten auftritte des Expo’s bis jetzt…..!” (One of the most beautiful and impressive performances on the Expo so far….!)


EK Voetbal (European championship)

Prior to the European championship games Van Kampen performs 6 times on the centre spot ( in Arnhem, Bruges and in Eindhoven). Every time an instant success: Slagerij Van Kampen and football really go well together!