Nelson Mandela

In the presence of Nelson Mandela the VARA broadcasts live a programme called ‘Give South Africa a fair chance’ that fills a whole evening. Van Kampen plays the appropriate ‘The mountain to Mohammed’ and a piece together with Herman van Veen. This performance is an absolute pinnacle for the band members.


Theatre tour Spit in the storm

A sold out theatre tour through The Netherlands and Belgium.


Spit in the storm

In late December the album ‘ Spit In The Storm’ is released. With the track ‘ Always the Drums’ guest musician Umar Bin Hassan ( from the well-known New York spoken word collective ‘The Last Poets’) brings an ode to the most ancient instrument in the world.


400 years Brandaris Terschelling

Lighthouse  ‘de Brandaris’ has existed for 400 years and this is being  celebrated! Van Kampen performs from a light ship in the harbour of Terschelling. The show is supported by extraordinary fireworks by the French fireworks artists Ephémère.