Clara de Mik replaces Bente Olie

Bente stops because of her pregnancy and gives birth to a healthy daughter, Roos, on November 17. Clara de Mik is hired as a permanent replacement for Bente.


Theatre tour Energigantica

In September the new theatre tour ‘Energigantica’ starts. A new, exciting show based on the theme ‘energy’. The theme forms the basis for a concise, sweeping performance with a spectacular light show of moving light and a state-of-the-art led wall.


25 year reign jubilee of Queen Beatrix

Slagerij Van Kampen is asked to perform for the Queen during the ’25 year reign jubilee’ TV show in a spectacular tent on the Malieveld in The Hague.


DJ Tiësto

At the end of June Slagerij Van Kampen performs together with DJ Tiësto in the Heineken Music Hall during the presentation of the new Spielberg movie ‘War of the Worlds’.