On the roof of the town hall

Slagerij Van Kampen plays for 25,000 people  from the roof of the town hall in Eindhoven. Literally one of the highlights of 2004!


Unplugg[I.D.] Clubtour

In November and December Slagerij Van Kampen tours the bigger clubs in The Netherlands to promote the new album [I.D.]. The band leaves the electronic drums at home and plays on basic acoustic kits: massive raw power drums!



The new studio album [I.D.] is released in September and is the first album Bente, Gijs and Johan contribute to. Different from previous albums most tracks have  first matured for half a year in the live circuit before they were recorded in the studio. Also the repeat performance for the successful theatre tour ‘BLOW’starts.


Free- Kick Master Marbella (ES)

On December 28 Slagerij Van Kampen performs in Marbella (Spain) during the Free-Kick Master 2004 for more than 200 million viewers worldwide. A television event with all the football stars.